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Asili Natural Oils was launched in order to bring a business solution to address the debilitating lack of market access for smallholder farmers in Rwanda.

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Asili Natural Oils was created to bridge the gap between farmers and customers. Through a commitment to professionalism and integrity, Asili connects the hundreds of small-holder farmers who serve us to markets around the world. Our suppliers are mainly located in the country’s Eastern province. This more arid, less productive region is unfit for coffee and tea – Rwanda’s main cash crops – and without the ability to earn hard currency families in the region have struggled to survive. Asili Natural Oils has given these farmers agricultural training and provided them with free organic seeds and inputs. Farmers are now able to pay for basic items like soap and clothing, and are sending their children to school. They’re also planting more Moringa trees and Calabash vines!

Asili Natural Oils works with over 1,500 farming families across Rwanda, sourcing high quality oilseeds from high-altitude, tropical climates. As well, we own and operate 50 hectares of farmland, providing our company with the most secure source of supply on the African continent. Depending on the time of year, our farms employ up to 400 full-time and part-time staff, creating consistent income for farm managers, transporters, supply chain supervisors and farm maintenance staff. On our land, we provide training for surrounding farmers and conduct trials on indigenous essential and fixed oils to identify the next unique African-origin ingredient.

In addition, Asili Natural Oils is currently pursuing organic and fair trade certification, and as part of our efforts, we have created an entirely new model of farming in Rwanda. We have partnered with 270 households to create consolidated areas of oilseed farming, providing numerous incentives to encourage organic production, including annual health insurance, livestock provision, solar lanterns and school fee payments. These farmers also benefit from the full-time agronomic support of our staff, ensuring that their efforts result in maximum yield.

Social Impact Brochure

Take a look at our Social Impact Brochure to learn more about our impact on Rwandan farming families and communities.

Environmental Impact Brochure

Alongside positively impacting communities, it is well known that the Moringa tree has a positive impact on the environment. Check out our Environmental Impact Brochure to discover more.

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