Asili Natural Oils produces a range of oils for cosmetic applications, designed to nourish skin, hair and nails.

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Natural Cosmetic Ingredients

Asili Natural Oils works tirelessly across the entire value chain to ensure that each of our cosmetic ingredients is of the highest quality and 100% natural. That means no artificial fragrances and no added ingredients. As a result, our oils are easily absorbed into the skin, giving full access to the numerous benefits.


In order to provide our clients with the highest quality natural ingredients, Asili Natural Oils is undergoing organic certification from EcoCert. At present, we practice organic principles at each stage of production, separating organic from conventional material, and we expect to offer certified organic products in 2018.


Want to link our farmers to your customers? We can trace your order back to the families and communities that farmed it and support your marketing campaign through personalized stories of the impact being made in those specific lives.

Moringa Oil

Moringa Oleifera, also known as the ‘miracle tree’ and the ‘tree that never dies’ is the source of a soft and moisturizing natural oil with unique potential across a variety of cosmetic applications. Due to its incredible oxidative stability, Moringa Oil enables personal care formulations to avoid rancidity for a long period of time. The rich emolliency created by the Behenyl acid provides a distinctive, non-greasy after-feel. Noticeable qualities of the oil in personal care applications include its silky texture, long-lasting moisturizing effect, and ability to soften and soothe skin. Proven applications include: bath & massage oils, creams & lotions, hair preparations, liquid makeup, lipstick and suntan lotions.

Cold-Pressed Moringa is a pale yellow liquid at ambient temperatures with a mild nutty characteristic. The oil is available in 25 kilogram and 190 kilogram Epoxy Steel Drums.

Cold-Pressed Wild
African Calabash

This oil is pressed from the seed of Lagenaria Sphaerica, also known as ‘Umutanga’ in the local language. It contains some of the highest levels of Omega-3 that can be found in a natural oil. This fatty acid is key to maintaining normal cell renewal and optimal moisture content of the epidermal skin barrier. This composition makes it a valuable ingredient in hair conditioning and moisturizing formulations. Other present compounds provide soothing effects, defence against infection and make it useful for dry skin conditions.

Cold-Pressed Wild African Calabash Oil has a vibrant gold-green color at ambient temperatures and a mild odor. The oil is available in 25 kilogram and 190 kilogram Epoxy Steel Drums.

Passionflower Oil

Sourced from the seeds of Passiflora Edulis, also known as Maracuja or the Purple Passionfruit. The fruits containing this seed are grown throughout Rwanda by small-scale farmers. The oil is rich in Linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid also known as Omega-6 that aids skin restoration and improves moisture levels to leave skin silky smooth. The pleasant odor, containing passiflorin, is reported to reduce anxiety and improve sleep. In cosmetic applications the oil is widely known for its sedative, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-spasmodic properties.

Cold-Pressed Passionflower Oil has a fruity scent, a light texture and yellow composition. The oil is available in 25 kilogram and 190 kilogram Epoxy Steel Drums.

Chia Seed Oil

Asili Natural Oils’ Chia Seed Oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of Salvia hispanica. The seeds come from the flowering plant, grown by smallholder farmers in Rwanda. The fantastic properties of this oil in cosmetic applications combined with the sustainable social impact generated at the farmer level make it an exciting ingredient with great marketing potential.  Known throughout the world as an ancient superfood, Chia Seed Oil is ideal for cosmetic applications.  It also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, leaving a soothing effect when applied to the skin.

Cold-Pressed Chia Seed Oil is packaged in standard 190 kilogram epoxy steel drums under nitrogen in order to preserve shelf life. 0.5% natural anti-oxidant is added. Other packaging options available on request.


All of our oils are cold-pressed and packaged in standard 190 kilogram epoxy steel drums under nitrogen in order to preserve shelf life. Other packaging options available on request. Contact to request a sample and quote.



Asili Natural Oils is constantly evaluating new natural oils and other products that can be produced in Rwanda and added to our portfolio of cosmetic ingredient products. Be sure to check back periodically to see what products have been added to our portfolio.


Inventory levels vary depending on the time of year. Please contact to request a sample and quotation.

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