In addition to these Organic Farmer Groups, Asili Natural Oils is proud to announce that we have recently purchased our own 40 ha plot of land and commenced operations on what will become one of the largest organically certified moringa tree farms in East Africa! The farm is located in the impoverished Kirehe district and is injecting hundreds of jobs into the local community. Our farm will provide a centralized site for farmer training, research and development and also represents one of the largest ever commercial investments in the area. Approximately 40,000 trees have been planted with yield expected to begin in 2017.
Asili is not only committed to impacting the lives of farmers, but also positively impacting the environment. Moringa trees, in particular, prevent soil erosion, provide shade for intercrops and benefit our farmers in many ways besides providing additional income. Take a look at our Environmental Impact Brochure here to find out more.