Asili Natural Oils was launched in order to bring a business solution to address the debilitating lack of market access for smallholder Moringa Oleifera farmers in Rwanda.


Moringa Oleifera, is known for its incredible nutritive properties and ability to thrive even in harsh agricultural climates. However in Rwanda, the ‘miracle tree’ was until recently known for something else, “gutenguha”, disappointment.

That’s because thousands of farmers in Rwanda’s arid Eastern Province had been promised large increases to their incomes after planting moringa. But nearly ten years later, most farmers had not made a single sale of moringa seed. With the absence of a professional oilseed processor in the country, these farmers were separated from the international cosmetic and specialty oil markets that would value their product.


Asili Natural Oils was created to bridge the gap. Through a commitment to professionalism and integrity, Asili connects the hundreds of small-holder farmers who serve us to markets around the world. When Asili Natural Oils made the first private sector purchase of Moringa Oleifera seed in the country, the poor farming communities of Rwanda's arid Eastern Province celebrated. Said one moringa farmer, “As long as Asili continues keeping its promises, moringa is going to change our lives.”

Farmers who for years had not earned a single dollar from moringa are now able to pay for soap and clothing, and are sending their children to school. They’re also planting more trees!

Take a look at our Social Impact Brochure to learn more about our impact on Rwandan farming families and communities.