Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil for Cosmetics

Asili Natural Oils cold-presses the kernel of the African ‘miracle tree’ to produce a natural cosmetic ingredient that provides a smoothing, softening and moisturizing effect to personal care applications.

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A Social Impact Company

Asili has brought amazing impact to the lives of the impoverished farming families who supply us with seed. Farmers in the cash-strapped Eastern Province are now better able to pay for things like soap, clothing and school fees. They’re also planting more trees!

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Traceability & Social Marketing

Every seed purchased by Asili is tracked all the way through the process so that customers can know exactly which farming families supplied their specific order, and combined with our ability to provide personalized stories of impact, this makes for strong marketing potential further up the value chain.

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Located in Rwanda, Asili Natural Oils is a supplier of natural ingredients to customers in the personal care and specialty oil industries around the world. Asili, a Swahili word meaning “from the source”, conveys our commitment to quality natural products.



Asili Natural Oils offers multiple cosmetic ingredients which are manufactured directly in our own processing facility. We focus on Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil as a natural ingredient for personal care applications…



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