Asili Natural Oils offers multiple cosmetic ingredients which are manufactured directly in our own processing facility located in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. We are intimately engaged in our value chain, from cultivation of raw material through export of final product and after sales service, and guarantee quality products for our customers.

Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil

Moringa Oleifera, also known as the ‘miracle tree’ and the ‘tree that never dies’ is the source of a soft and moisturizing natural oil with rich potential across a variety of cosmetic applications. Due to its incredible oxidative stability, Moringa Oil enables personal care formulations to avoid rancidity for a long period of time. The rich emolliency created by the behenyl acid provides a distinctive, non-greasy after-feel. Noticeable qualities of the oil in personal care applications include its silky texture, long-lasting moisturizing effect, and ability to soften and soothe skin. Proven applications include: bath & massage oils, creams & lotions, hair preparations, liquid makeup, lipstick and suntan lotions.

Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil is extracted by cold-pressing and filtration of the seed kernels of Moringa Oleifera. It is a pale yellow liquid at ambient temperatures with a mild nutty characteristic. Cold-Pressed Moringa Oil is available in 25 kilogram and 190 kilogram Epoxy Steel Drums.


Want to link our farmers to your customers? We can trace your order back to the families and communities that farmed it and support your marketing campaign through personalized stories of the impact being made in those specific lives.

Moringa Seed Cake

Moringa Seed Cake is a valuable source of protein that carries a variety of uses as a cosmetic ingredient. We provide the seed cake as a raw material for ingredient manufacturers who extract and formulate protein-based products.

Other Products

Asili Natural Oils is constantly evaluating new natural oils and other products that can be produced in Rwanda and added to our portfolio of cosmetic ingredient products. Be sure to check back periodically to see what products have been added to our portfolio.

Moringa Planting Seed

Asili Natural Oils provides moringa planting seed for companies and individuals interested in developing their own moringa gardens and plantations. The most vigorous and highest yielding trees are identified and and the seed that is harvested is properly cared for and stored in order to guarantee high germination rates.

Purchase Details

Inventory levels vary depending on the time of year. Please contact to request a sample and quotation.